When Does a Person Get Old? By Jedediah-Health (New 2019)

When Does a Person Get Old? By Jedediah-Health (New 2019)

The traditional designation For old age– 65 years – has no basis in biology. Many people are vigorous and active at 65.

Others are sick and in active at 40. Rather, The bases for choosing age 65 is old history. Age 65 was chosen as the age for retirement in Germany, The first nation to establish a retirement program.

The question as to when a person becomes old can be answered in different ways. Chronological age is based solely on the passage of time.

It is a person’s age in years. Chronological Age has limited significance in terms of health. Nonetheless, The likelihood of developing a health problem increases as people age.

Because chronological age happens helps predict many health problemsTomIt has some legal and financial uses.

It is also used to determine eligibility for some program for older people Biologic cool age refers to changes in the body that commonly occur as people age.

For example, Vision and hearing typically worsen as people age. Because these changes affect some people more than others, some people are biologically old at 40, and others are biologically young at 60 an even older.

Psychologic age is based on how people act and feel. For example, An 80-year-old who works, plans, Look forward to future events, And participates in many activities is considered psychologically young.

Such a person is commonly described as “being young at heart.”

People often wonder whether what they are experiencing as the age is normal or abnormal.

Although people age somewhat differently, Made changes occurring in almost everyone and are thus considered “normal.” However, a more accurate description of these changes is “unusual.

“Usual aging does not necessarily mean that the changes are unavoidable or desirable.

Usual aging was once thought to include such unavoidable changes as muscle weaknesses, slow movement, loss of balance, and memory loss.

Research has shown that many of these common, “normal” Changes result from an unhealthy lifestyle or from disorders that can be prevented or treated and reversed, rather than from aging itself.

So the question to ask may be weather changes can be avoided rather than whether they are “normal.”

This question leads to the concept of healthy aging.

Healthy aging refers to a postponement of orRe-duction in the desired effects of aging.

The goals of healthy aging are maintaining physical and mental health, Avoiding disorders, and remaining active and independent. For most people, maintaining general good health requires more effort as they age.

Certain healthy habits have been shown to reduce the risk of developing several disorders that commonly occur as people age.

These habits include following a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, and staying mentally active. Developing these habits is an important part of healthy aging.

The sooner person develops them, the better. However, it is never too late to begin!

In this way, people can have some control over what happens to them as they age.

When Does a Person Get Old? By Jedediah-Health (New 2019)

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  1. Hi Jedediah, Loved this post. I am 74 but I certainly don’t feel old. Have so many plans ahead and I think that is one of the things one needs in life. To always have something to look forward to and to work for. My Mother emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 92 and died just before turning 96. She had an amazing memory but her body was fragile.
    I am about to go and join a new gym and have goals set in place for this year, personal and work related.
    Life is great.

    • Hey Jill, Thank you!! Makes me happy to hear! And your so right you must have plans and good ones at that, yes it does help when you have plans set then you can go full speed ahead with your goals in mind without worrying about what to do next.
      So amazing about your mother I hope we get the chance to live that long also…

      Now we just need to stay on top of just a few things that were talked about in this post and we should make it don’t you think?

      Awesome keep up the positive energy my new friend the Gym is the best place to stay in shape I find myself there every other day I love it!
      So if you were to do something different for your health would testing the CBD that everyone is talking about be something you would think of trying out??
      I only ask because, after just a few weeks of showing anyone and everyone this amazing product and even let them try it something beautiful is happening, People are going crazy how this is helping them so much it just makes me so happy!

      I truly think I have found one of the greatest products out there ever! And I have been doing this for many years now 🙂
      Anyway thank you so much for commenting and I sure hope I see you again you are amazing!!

      Have a wonderful weekend and take care of yourself! untell next time 🙂


  2. Hi Jedediah

    It’s amazing to see young people act old, and vice versa. I believe genetics can take a part, but attitude plays a huge part.

    I’ve worked with the youth in our church for 25 years. I truly believe that has kept me young at heart. And now that I’ve retired from that, I have grandchildren to keep up with. There’s no time. to get old, LOL.


    • Hey Suzanne! Thanks for commenting and so true about genetics I have met many old people that are way energetic and many young people that are not at all, again your also right attitude is everything because of most of what and how we do things start in the mind and attitude, you are as old as you feel simple as that.
      Thanks again for reading and your feedback I’m very thankful as I am working hard to build a community of amazing folks that love to learn and prosper!! Don’t have too much fun with the Grandkids I know how fun that can be and I hope to see you next time!!
      Live long & Prosper!!

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